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Integrity Lacrosse Tryouts will be held Tuesday July 31-Friday August 3rd 7:00-9:00 pm at the Severn School.

Registration will open next week with more specifics.

Vacation conflicts can be emailed to 

Moira Leavitt







Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tryouts:

What if I can’t make all of the dates listed?

  No worries if you cannot make all of them just let us know in the comment box of the registration page.  You must, however, make at least one.  Players that attend more tryouts tend to do better.

What will it be like?

·      You’ll be asked to do some quick line-drills as a way to get warm.  We will rotate through some man-up drills, dodging and shooting and then some half field situational play to see how the athletes think for themselves.  There will be a running component where players can showcase speed and stamina.  Every player will rotate through offense and defense.   There will be a brief parent meeting at the end of each age group on the first day to explain this in person and to take any questions you may have about Team Integrity.  

What are you looking for in an athlete?

·      One of the differences in an integrity tryout is that our coaches run the drills.  They do not evaluate.  Our coaches will be providing pointers in terms of technique and strategy throughout the tryout process.  We are looking for players that wish to be coached and are willing to apply new ideas in an effort to get better.  Future potential is a big key for us.  Nothing trumps hustle and a positive attitude!

Some of the kids are amazingly skilled for their age, do I even stand a chance?

·      Absolutely!  We exist to help any player, regardless of experience or skill level to excel at this game.  Just bring heart, hustle and a willingness to learn! Traditionally about 20% of a team changes over each year.

What do I wear?

·     Please bring running shoes and turf shoes if you have them.  As always, you’ll need stick, mouthpiece and goggles.  Goalies will need their own gear.  Rec organizations will sometimes allow you to keep your  GK gear so that they don’t have to store it in the off-season.  

Do I get to keep my number from last year?

·      Numbers are important!  If you are presently wearing a # its yours until you wish to change it.  We issue a number once per age group.  So if we already have a #1 and that player wishes to keep it, that # is out for your graduation year. 

When do I find out if I made a team?

·      Once trials are over we will begin emailing the players in the order in which they were selected.  You will be asked to accept a roster spot by making the initial payment.  As teams fill, we just continue down the list until the team is full so that’s why we give you 48 hours, because there may be players who are still waiting to hear from us.  All players will receive an email or phone call regardless of the result.

What if I want to wait to hear my results from another club before deciding?

·      We pride ourselves on being a phenomenal teaching club.  We want players who wish to be a part of the Integrity family and if you are on the fence then we will move down our list. 



Who will coach my team?

·      All of the teams are overseen by the Program Director.  Coach Moira and Coach Todd run many of the spring practices and step in regularly with each age group for two reasons: one is to build the integrity team approach from the ground up and the second is because many of our coaches also coach high school and they are super busy in the spring.   While we do allow parents with extensive lacrosse experience to act as coaches, there is always a coach who runs the sub box that does not have a daughter on the team.  


Any changes for 2017?

YEs!  As this is our 12th year we've seen some significant changes to the landscape of club lax for young women.  We will hold parent meetings at the end of the session August 6th to present our expectation and answer any question you have. 

Once tryouts begin there are no refunds for any reason! 

We hope to see you in August!

Integrity Lacrosse  * Phone: (410) 793-2802 *