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Marissa is one of the Most Improved Players from the 2015 Team


Coach Leavitt-
Hey there! Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know I was looking at other club lacrosse team sites to gather ideas for my own club team and was surprised to see a picture of you, my very first lacrosse coach! You coached my sister, Shannon, and I at Bishop Sullivan (Catholic High) back in '95. I went on to play at Longwood and am now back coaching the JV field hockey and lacrosse teams at BS and have just started my own field hockey and lacrosse club teams here in VA Beach. Not a season goes by that I don't tell my teams about my very first coach and how inspiring she was! I hope that someday my players will come back and tell me that I made a positive impact on their life so I wanted to made sure I let you know that I still remember you and think of you often when training with my girls and thinking about the type of coach that I want to be. I love how you always conditioned with us and played with us instead of standing on the sidelines and now I do the same with my players. I still have in my scrapbook the evaluation you wrote me my freshman year that said I had earned a starting spot. I remember how excited I was to read it was yesterday! (only it wasn't because I'm 31 now...aggghhh!) Anyway, just wanted to drop a note of appreciation and thanks for introducing me to something that has become the great love of my life (beside my husband and kids of course) and I'm glad to see you are still coaching! I attached a picture of myself and some of my girls. As you can see, we are now playing on a very nice turf field...a far cry from the dust bowl they had us on back when you were there! - Lyndsey Worrell Boyce

I have been very impressed by many aspects of Integrity Lacrosse. The girls play in numerous games in the Fall, Spring and Summer and participate in outstanding instructional practices located in a picturesque setting. All of the coaches are wonderful teachers of the game.The program is an exceptional value and has exceeded my expectations!! I would definitely recommend it to both experienced and new players of the game!! The Kenneys 2018
When we decided to play summer lacrosse I remember the first tryout with Integrity. On the way to the car I was consoling my daughter thinking there was absolutely no chance of her making the team. Thankfully she did. The first summer with Integrity set the tone for her. She accomplished an incredible turn around in her game that I believe she did not even think was possible. The Integrity coaching staff as a whole is the the best I have been around.  Coach Shannon Garden gave her a gift she will use the rest of her life. She gave her heart and the will to compete. I watched Coach Todd create a complete team atmosphere then go on to win a county championship. Even though that team was not the most athletic his girls knew the game and how to work together. Coach Moira has been a constant positive influence with my daughter. I can not express my appreciation in words. My daughter looks up to her as a mentor. Coach Moira and other Integrity staff on several occasions have stopped what she was doing to either ask how our family was or to correct a flaw in my daughters lacrosse fundamentals. This past year was no different from any other. Coaches Tara and Megan have exceeded my expectations coaching the 2017 team. Integrity is like a second family for us, my daughter is happy to be here. I believe Integrity is the best kept secret in the area and we are very thankful to be involved with them.

Success comes in many forms. I firmly believe Integrity as a whole has a major role in setting my daughter up for a successful life. Thank you for your continued positive influences and efforts..... The Potters 2017

After three summers with Integrity, my daughter has improved her lax IQ and overall game knowledge by leaps and bounds. Now, instead of focusing on what to do on the field, it comes more naturally to her and she just does it. Her field discipline and game recognition have improved to a level where she feels very confident every time she steps on the field. Because of the coaching she has received in the last couple of years, she knows her team is going to win that day. And, as a former athlete, I know that that feeling is one of the best in the world. Keep up the great work Integrity.  Steve (2016 Parent)

Playing for integrity changed the way I look at lacrosse. Between traveling with the team, making new awesome friends, and improving my game, it made for a great summer! kd.

It has been our experience that our daughters have received the finest of experience, effort and dedication from the staff and coaches at Integrity Lacrosse. Gregg K. (2016 & 2018)

Watching my daughter Sydney develop as a player at such a young age was shocking! As a father of a little girl, I really was not sure what her athletic boundaries were. At each sticking point she was able to improve with the help that she received and is a much better player and a more confident child as a result. She really has a passion for the game and would like to go as far as it will take her. In my opinion, this season has contributed greatly to that mind-set. At this point in Sydney's development, I think this is the perfect club for her. The coach/player relationships that she has with her coaches are great. As a Father, I am always seeking out positive female role models for my daughter and the coaches are more than perfect in that capacity. Both Sydney and I are looking forward to many more seasons of lacrosse with Integrity. She told me, "I want to play for Integrity until I play for the Terps." Bernie Foster father of Sydney Foster #23

I love that Integrity makes you a better lacrosse player and teaches you to never give up. Sydney (2016)


In a blind survey, Parents and Players were asked to name their favorite thing about Integrity Lacrosse.  Here are a few of their answers: (July 2011)
1Family atmosphere
2Our team is very close. Once we learned each other's strengths, we played not as individuals but as a team.
3Playing as a team and the tournaments
4My daughter enjoys the coaching and camaraderie developed within the team. We are very satisfied with the Coaching qualifications, fairness of playing time due to each team players abilities, and tournaments picked to participate in 2011.
5Everyone worked together as a team and made new friends.
6Was happy with the overall experience - first time to tournament lacrosse - loved the coaches!
7Seriously, we're the Szanyi's...we love love all of it!!!
8Friendships and fun
9We love the family atmosphere
10Watching the girls grow this year as a team. Seeing them grow not just on the field but on the sidelines. Jim and Luz are invaluable. Integrity is very organized.
11The skills that are being taught and coaching.
12Coming together with other families who enjoy the sport just as much as our family.
13Great instruction and team unity
15Watching Sydney develop as a player. The value system laid out by the coaches is consistent with raising a healthy child. As aresult, I saw my daughter develop as a player. She understood the game and her role in contributing to the team.
16The team. Our team is so much fun and we have the best times. We are like family.
17The players come first.
18The comradary among teammates and parents. Positive reinforcement from coaches.
19The advanced offense and defense schemes
20The coaching and family-like atmosphere. I like knowing that I can call or text the head coach or Moira at any time, with lax related questions or just general lax conversation. Coaching...Top Notch! Todd does a wonderful job. I've heard from other teams parents that they wish Todd was their daughter's coach.
21I asked this to my daughter and she said " the friend I have made "
22Very straightforward organization. Not the politics of other clubs.
23The hands on instruction and family atmosphere
24the coaching small club our 2016 coordinator was the best
25the coaching
26Mu daughter enjoyed playing at a higher level with old friends and making new friends
27The family closeness of Team Integrity really appeals to us. It also has the right amount in intensity for summer. We also love the outstanding instruction that the girls are getting.
28Team play and friends
29Meeting new friends and skills. The camaraderie on the team was awesome and they did a great job of welcoming the new players. I loved going to different tournaments and playing new teams.
30The lax knowledge and instruction that is taught to the players.
31They really help improve my daughters level of play.
32My daughter was on the 2018 team and she loved being a part of this lacrosse family. She loved playing for Coach Garden because it was not only hard work but fun as well.
33Making new friends and improving as a player and team.
34My daughter has a great time and really enjoyed meeting lots of new girls. She had a good time at practices and tournaments.
35Playing in all of the tournaments with all of the girls that are now my friends
36Players were held accountable for their actions on the field and to the coaches.
37Coaches are teaching concepts, both offensive and defensive, that most of the girls have never seen. My daughter is better prepared to compete as she enters high school.
38Playing time was great....too many players will limit playing time.
39I really enjoyed getting to know and playing with all of my team mates. They are the best!
40Sydney (2016) said everything is her favorite!
41I think the girls learn a lot and it shows, because they have really improved.
42All the friends, and being able to trust each other so well in the games
43Meeting new friends and getting tournament experience.

The Motion Offense designed to Occupy Defenses and create varied looks at the cage

Fall teams looking good at SPSG (Nov 12, 2011)

#42 Mo (2018) clears against Heros

Testimonials from Parents of the 2010 Summer Season:
  • "When I try to explain Integrity to my friends I tell them its like buying your produce at the Farmer’s Market rather than going to a big lot store.  Anyone can have a cattle-call tryout and roll out winning teams.  Integrity actually teaches the kids how to play the game.  You know, I talked to a college coach that told me he never knew the score of a club lax game or how many goals the kid he was recruiting scored.  He wanted to see how they played.  I like that my daughter has been told she has a high “lax IQ”.  Thanks Integrity!  2013 Mom 
  • "My daughter came to Integrity a few years back fairly new to the sport and they saw the potential she had.  They do not just take talent and throw it together.  They teach the girls how to play and play together.  This is what makes their teams great.  My daughter looks forward to playing every summer, which is different then we hear from some of her friends.  Now she is consistently being contacted by colleges to come play lacrosse for them.  We owe that to Integrity" Parent of 2012 player 
  • Our experience over the past two seasons has been incredible.  One of the things that we most treasure about Integrity, besides the top-notch coaching, is the family-like, team atmosphere.  Instead of feeling like a number or a statistic, we feel like we have an extended "family" with the coaches, other parents and players.  And, on top of that, our daughter has improved her lacrosse skills ten-fold!  She has a better "feel" of the field and has improved her overall lacrosse IQ.  Thank you Integrity Lacrosse!  We happily look forward to many more seasons of success.  ( Parent from 2016 team) 
  • My daughter is entering her 5th and final season with Integrity Lacrosse.  It has been a wonderful experience watching her grow and improve as a lacrosse player and, as a bonus, do this with teammates that are good friends and challenge each other to improve. Her coaches have been caring and committed, and Integrity club as a whole has gone above and beyond in their support of our daughter as she goes through the college recruiting process. They made sure she was seen by quality coaches at tournaments and followed up with those coaches that expressed interest in her abilities.  I truly feel that the club overall knows all of its players and looks out for them as individuals as well as team players.  Our middle daughter has been playing with Integrity as well, and now that she is in high school, will truly benefit from all that Integrity has to offer.  Our third daughter is eligible to play this year and we certainly will have her try out for the club. Parent of 2012 & 2014  
  • "I had seen and heard all the great things about Integrity Lacrosse.  I switched my daughter over from another club team and that was the best decision we could have ever made." Parent of a 2014 player  
  • “My daughter has played with Integrity since the very beginning.  She loves it!  She’s learned a ton and has really amazing skills. The thing about these kids that is the most impressive is that you can walk up to any High School game and tell an Integrity player no matter where you are just by the way they play.  They just seem to know where to be at all the right times.  When it came time to recruit, Coach Moira really helped us because she knew our daughter and our family.  She didn’t’ just push Division I on us like some of those bigger clubs, rather she helped us pick where my daughter would be happy to play and study.  My daughter did pick Division I but we feel like we are going into it with our eyes wide open.  Thanks Integrity!  2012 Parent
  • Switching to Integrity Lax was the best decision we’ve ever made!  Coach Todd and Moira Leavitt’s love for the game and enthusiasm is contagious and highly motivating for the players.  Moira makes it her priority to get to know the girls and she demonstrates her commitment to helping them excel on and off the field.  She doesn’t expect perfection but she does expect hard work and a demonstration of Integrity spirit. Two of the main attractions of Integrity lacrosse is the excellent coaching and the small team size (which allows the girls more playing time).  From day one, the girls have been taught a high level of play- plays that their own coaches learned at the college level, while also having fun.  Integrity coaches BELIEVE in their players, demonstrate constant encouragement and push them to reach their highest level of potential. We have never seen a group of young ladies mesh like the 2015 Team.  They walk onto the field playing as a TEAM and not as individuals.  The players a versatile and unselfish and the friendships have continued all year long.  You don’t know what you are missing if you’ve never explored what Integrity Lacrosse has to offer up and rising lax players.  2015 Parent

16's and 17's enjoy a Post Field Hockey Match Reunion

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