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Integrity Lacrosse is a girls lacrosse club for players in 4th – 11th grade in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and surrounding area. Our Mission is to develop lacrosse players to value skill-building and sportsmanship over winning and personal gain. We believe players possessing technical skill and a mature understanding of game theory will take the field with confidence and self-esteem. These values lead to a developed sense of personal perseverance and teamwork.


  • Sportsmanship comes first.
  • Coaches explain how and why by using a positive coaching philosophy.
  • Athletes are taught to win graciously and lose gracefully.
  • Lessons promote long-term health and athletes learn to make good choices regarding nutrition and hydration.
  • Integrity coaches stress the importance of team attack, many passes through transition and team defense. We strive not to only produce the BEST lacrosse player that you can be but also the best person.
  • Team size is limited so that all players get maximum playing time. While we “play to win” the overall objective is to develop the player. This is accomplished by teaching her to be selfish with her own time (through repetitions done at home) but selfless at gametime by working as part of a unit.